Facts and Frequently Asked Questions
Is Ordering Online Safe?
Yes, very safe. When an order is placed, our secure encription takes over to assure that no one else can see your personal information. We take every precaution to make sure it is kept out of the wrong hands. It is, in fact, much safer than giving your card to a waiter in a resturant, or giving it out over the phone.
Are The Magazines Sent Directly From Magazinemistress?
No. We are the same as any other magazine subscription company on the internet. We process subscriptions and submit them directly to the publisher or their respective fulfillment company, for the fastest possible handling.

Of course this is different for the individual magazines that we offer. We stock hundres of titles ready to ship from our warehouse directly to you. 
Why Can't I Find A Certain Title That I Would Like To Subscribe To?  I See It At The Newstand.
Many magazines that you see on the newstand, even though they might be published monthly or bi-monthly are not offered by the publishers for subscription. These are distributed to newstands for individual sales only, and are not offered through subscription.
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Why Does It Take So Long?
Your order is processed immediately and electronically sent to the publisher. After it is received by them it may take one to two weeks for them to schedule a delivery date. This date is determined by what time of the month the publisher received and processed the order and also the publishing date of the magazine.  

For example, if your subscription was received and processed by the publisher in January and the February issue was already scheduled to ship, your order would be added to the March mailing.

You can be assured that your subscription starts when you receive your first copy, not when your order was placed. If your subscription is for six issues, you will receive six issues. If it was for twelve issues, you will receive twelve issues.

These are standard industry lead times and you will find this to be similarily stated on other magazine sites. 
When Should I Start Receiving My Subscription?
It may take as long as six to twelve weeks to receive your first issue, depending on processing and publishing dates.  For orders outside of the United States, Please allow up to another month.
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As always, we appreciate your business and strive to make your shopping  as pleasurable as possible.
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